Sunday, April 25, 2010

moving on..

The time has finally come that we move on. As many of you know,(who am i kidding anyone who reads this knows EVERYTHING about me!) Adam's youngest brother Daniel has lived with us for a little over a year now. It has been a lot of fun living with "THE BOYS" and all but the time has come to move on.

It all started back in late February when I asked my oldest sister, who conveniently works in home loans, to pre-qualify me. At the time I didn't really know what it took to qualify for a mortgage. I thought that you had to have like 7 credit cards and possibly a car loan and something from RC Willey's on payments to EVEN qualify.. Little did I know asking her what i could do in the next few years to prep for the qualification process would turn to looking for the perfect place!

So some time passed and I didn't think about it like it was actually going to happen. I would randomly browse some websites and look at foreclosures and what not, but never really looked at anything too closely. By this time it was about the last week of March. I would talk to my other sister, who just bought a house in February, about the cute places I saw online and how nice it would be to have a place of my own... And that TAX CREDIT, who could forget about that!! Well during that week I went back and forth quite a bit on if I thought I was really ready for this. It's a really big STEP! Maybe if I just waited a few years I could have a nice down payment saved or even have a better idea of what it would take after the papers were signed...

So I called my sisters friend Aime who works for City Homes Salt Lake. I talked to her about what I wanted and where I would like to live. I told her what I would like to pay monthly and then set up an appointment to go to her office and look at some listings. This happened on Thursday the 1st of APRIL. My Appointment was for the following Monday. I went to the office to talk to Cody and we picked out a few listings that I would like to see in person. I began later that week meeting with Chris to VIEW properties!

I fell in LOVE with the very first one I looked at! Everyone I saw after that would make my rating for it go higher and higher! I was so EXCITED! Drawing up remodels (rearrangements) for it with my sister, and talking about all the fun things that could be done with it. There was another one I saw that first day that I really liked too. It didn't have hard wood floors, and it only had one bedroom, but it was a really GOOD size and very open. It was definitely 2nd on my list!!

So back in February, the rules changed for which properties could accept FHA Loans. FHA loans are Mortgages that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The FHA operates loan plans for investors and purchasers of rural property, and provides low-rate mortgages to buyers who make a down payment as small as 3 percent. Which in the end means that not only can I put less down, but when I sell it the buyer can get my same INTEREST rate! Definitely a plus!! So it turned out that a lot of condo complexes didn't bother trying to get approved for FHA loans. It's kind of a lot of work, but ends up being easier to find buyers in the long run. So that first one that i LOVED wasn't actually FHA approved... but the SECOND one was!!

Here are some pictures of what it looks like now.. ALL WALLS WILL BE PAINTED!!

So here we are, on the 25th of April. I've been officially UNDER CONTRACT since April 16th and as long as everything goes as planned (and stated in the contract) I will SIGN the papers on May 25th and it will OFFICIALLY be mine on the 26th!! Yeah, that is exactly ONE MONTH from now!! Adam and I are VERY ready to have our own place!! So, I have a lot of painting to do, and it needs a new dishwasher... But other than that it's move in READY! I can't wait to finally PAINT and actually feel like where I live is my HOME, and I can't wait to LOVE WHERE I LIVE!! Please ask me about the AMAZING TEAM that got me a place I LOVE, that is the perfect size and in the perfect LOCATION in just over a MONTH!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FUNraising update!!

Oh my, i have some really great news about all the amazing FUNraising efforts at Paul Mitchell the school! First of all we have had some amazing events!! i know that i talked about them in my last blog so i will simply post a few pics of some of the most fun events! if you haven't figured it out by now at Salt Lake City, we WILL WIN!! we are one of the most competitive school EVER, and we ALWAYS will be!

for the last two years we have contacted the UTAH GRIZZLIES about attending a hockey game and splitting the proceeds. Both years i have rather enjoyed myself! this year was a bit more calm than last year but it is still a very fun event!!

Everyone had such a great time! and this last picture is in the WINNING SHOT! I am pretty sure that is the first Grizz i've been to that they actually won... and it ROCKED!!

There are so many pictures of all the events our Facebook Fan Page, so will not bore the 5 of you posting them here...!/pages/Salt-Lake-City-UT/Paul-Mitchell-the-School-Salt-Lake-City/206166199443

now on to DODGEBALL!!

Pretty much this years Dodgeball Tournament was SOO much better than last year. Let me tell you a little about the way we run the tournament... So every team is made up of 6 players. Each team pays $30 to play the game. Then of course the friends and family come to watch for only $5 per person. it is only single elimination, however during each round the losing team has a chance to replay the team that BEAT them. so, your team loses in round one and you are very unhappy... you come to me with $5 and say you would like a rematch. if the winning team DOES NOT want to replay and chance losing their TITLE, they simply have to bring me $6 and the title re-manes theirs. However, the losing team can continue to bid until the winning team says, "fine we'll play!"

As of now there is not a cap on how many rematches can take place. it's pretty much when one team gives up, or runs out of money! that is where a good sum of the money i raise comes in.. Thanks to all the GREAT sports that continued to play the rematches and CONTINUED to WIN, and that one team just didn't want to lose to them so they kept buying back in... needless to say everyone had a great time! I wish that there would have been a match between the day school winners and the night school winners. both teams were so dedicated!!

night school winners

day school winners

The Management staff came up with the strategy that if they all played as one then no one could be eliminated and everyone would be a winner! however, they just got DEMOLISHED! I have to give them props for playing in the first place, let alone playing the multiple games that were bid to play against them!!

Thanks again for everyone who came to play and brought friends to watch! My goal was $1000 and I am very PLEASED to announce that i raised $1100!! Extra day of paid vacation for me for meeting my goal! Love you ALL and Thanks for all your SUPPORT!!