Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I know.. it's been like a year!!

so i am really sorry it has been so long since i have posted anything...and i know that i have SO MANY followers...but i going to try to update weekly! especially right now, since there is so much going on at the school (and the school is my life) there will be so much fun stuff to write about!

FIRST, let's start with me and my personal life. things are going really well with Adam! we've been together for 3 years/7 months and LOVE every minute of it! since our contract at our apartment is going to be up in November, i am starting to look into BUYING a condo. i would like to stay in this area, but we'll see what happens.

with the school being 3 miles away and adam's job being across the street, it's hard to want to LEAVE this complex! i know i have told everyone how much i LOVE this apartment complex, but the unit we are in right now is falling apart! even though it has the best view and i LOVE that it is hidden, i just can't stay here anymore! we're ready for our own place! plus, i've been SICK of paying rent for a while now!

adam is going to start school this summer at SLCC! he is really EXCITED! he says he misses doing math... i can't imagine why!! he started his new job in january and like i said it's located across the street from our complex. he loves WALKING to work and i LOVE him walking! no more driving 60 MILES (total) a day to take him to and from work everyday!

i LOVE teaching! being on the floor is so fun! watching over everyone, making sure they are doing what they are supposed to, it is a lot of fun!! for the last weeks i have been in the classroom with the new kids. at night school, the first 10 weeks they are in what is called CORE. that is where they learn the basics of everything they need to know to do hair. we start cutting TONIGHT!! there is nothing like watching them "GET IT." of course they have so much more to learn and room to grow, but knowing that i helped them get there is so REWARDING!!

the school has started its big FUNraising campaign for 2010! Paul Mitchell the School Salt Lake City (that's us) always raises the MOST money! this year our goal is $100,000! we have so many events that we do that are so fun for everyone involved! this year we are trying to focus on getting the community more involved. i will be posting info about all the events not only here but on FACEBOOK as well. this weeks events include a TIME WARP fashion show on FRIDAY february 19th and going to the GRIZZLIES game on SATURDAY the 20th. like i said we want EVERYONE to come play with us so if you are interested in coming to the fashion show, tickets are $10. there are about 30 MODELS and they will be portraying different eras. tickets to the hockey game are $15 and about half of the proceeds go to the FUNraiser and half back to the grizz.

other up coming events will include a DODGEBALL tournament, PRINCESS DAYS, PET FASHION SHOW, a MURDER MYSTERY DINNER party, and SO MUCH MORE!! if you are interested in more information about the charities or in attending any events please let me know!!



  1. That is so exciting you are thinking of buying your own place! So fun! I'm definatly jealous! :) Good for Adam starting school again! Good Luck!

  2. YAY!!!!! I love you Candice! School is the best! See you at the hockey game WHOO WHOO!!!

  3. oh Katie.. one can always dream! I've wanted to buy my own place for about 3 years now... i think it's further away than i hope... :(

  4. candice i LOVE you and i am so happy you updated the blog!!! woot woot! that is exciting about the condo!!!!! :)