Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the signs of spring

So everyone talks about how they love when the flowers start to bloom, and how that means that spring time is here... Don't get me wrong, I love flowers and the beautiful colors that they bring. Flowers are one of my FAVORITE things to look at!!But when I think about spring time coming, or spring being just around the corner, I think about all the small animals that appear in my front yard. I know that spring is here when I see the new baby ducks and geese. They are so tiny and so cute! I wish I could just catch one and bring inside as a pet! A baby duck that is, the geese are MEAN!

The little newborns of all the animals living in my Apartment complex are just so happy and little. I love hearing the baby birds chirp for their mommys and the little chipmunks that are scampering across the fence, trying to hide in a tree! They are just so CUTE!!

But mostly I just think that the baby ducks are ADORABLE!! They just swim around following the leader and playing with each other.

My favorite thing that they do is trying to swim upstream. There are a couple of places around the complex where there are little streams and tiny waterfalls. The ducks try so hard to go upstream, I can't believe how much of a work out that must really be!
I really want one as a pet, but Adam said NO...


  1. every time i look at that picture on the side i smile and then i think i wonder if adam knows that is out there for all to see

  2. and i like the new shoe picture much better

  3. How cute! I will come visit you and accidentally catch one so you will have to keep it!