Thursday, April 2, 2009

i am right where i need to be!

Have you ever gone into something knowing that you love it but not knowing how much you really love it? Or maybe not knowing honestly how good you would be at it? Kind of just like you close your eyes and jump? That is how my life in the beauty industry started. It had been on my mind since I was a little girl, but i never imagined being so passionate for it.

I recently changed my schedule at Paul Mitchell the school from straight Days (9-5) to a split shift of 2-10 (Night School starts at 5) and I hated it! For about a week I dreaded wasting away my day blogging/facebooking or playing video games just to go to work at 2pm and be there till 10pm. At that time in my life I was going to sleep around 9pm.

However, the last couple of weeks have really made a difference in my attitude. The night school group is SOOO different from the day school group. Day school is there 35 hours a week and they either don't work or just work a few hours a week. Some are really young and live with mom &/or dad still, and some have been on their own for a few years now. At nights, they all work full time and this is their part time 20 hours a week. They are more 'get in, do the work and get out' kind of attitude. When I was a Future Professional I attended both day & nights for my last 500 hours so I kind of had a feel for the group. I was still very nervous and a little emotional about leaving days...

Through out the last couple of weeks I have realized that not only do I fit in really well at night school, but this career is exactly where I am supposed to be! The joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from hearing the words "you know, that never really made sense until you explained it." Or "thank you for taking the extra time with me, to make sure that cut looked good." Not saying that I am the only Learning Leader at Paul Mitchell the school who watches to make the cut is perfect (that's kind of a part of the job requirement) but just hearing it is amazing!

Knowing I am making a difference in their education and having an impact on their experience at Paul Mitchell is just rewarding! I really am right where I need to be!!


  1. I know the feeling. So glad you are loving your job, you deserve it!

  2. Candice, I'm glad you are so happy with how things are going for you. That is good to hear. Congrats! :) I also I really like that header with your shoes at the top!

  3. Candice, I want to read this, but I can't because of the color. You should change it so I can read it! :) I LOVE AND MISS YOU!